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Despite the terrible summer heat in Vancouver, I caught a cold after the Grouse Grind by spending in time in the air con area and out time in the heat. Therefore this short post will be dedicated to the ultimate cold remedy – soup.

If I were to get soup anywhere in Vancouver, I’m riding the ferry to North Van to Lonsdale Quay Market just to buy fresh soup from The Soup Meister. Every ingredient is freshly cut into pieces and simmered in a delicious and hot pot of soup. You could see how fresh the ingredients are once you reach their open kitchen stall at the end of the market- rows of chopping boards with mountains of chopped up vegetables read to be thrown into the soup.

I apologize for the short post. I’m feeling awful and this week has just been a miserable and sick week for me.


Boston Clam Chowder (CAD3.25)

I found so much juicy and chunky pieces of celery, clams and potato in the soup. I liked how the soup wasn’t too thick nor too watery making it easier to fill me up.

The soup also came with a giant piece of bread with butter for you to dip into the soup. The portion might not look too big but it’s good enough to fill me up for a lunch.

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For the very first time, I finally got seats at The Flying Pig in Gastown. This restaurant has always been slammed with people both inside and outside of their restaurant whenever I walked by so I never wanted to eat there. Let’s just say that after this dining experience at The Flying Pig, I wouldn’t mind facing the line up just for their delicious siders. My friend, Samantha, surprisingly got us a high table two seater facing the window on a weekday for dinner so let the feast begin!


Sam persuaded me that their sides were amazing so we ended up only ordering sides. With all that cheese in each sider, we were so full after we were done.


Crispy Brussels Sprouts (CAD6) 

Grilled to perfection with capers, lemon and a dash of parmesan, I have never had such amazing brussels sprouts in my entire life.

The bitter taste from all brussels sprouts were unrecognisable and I loved how the outside of each brussels sprout was crispy and covered in cheese while the inside was soft and moist.

These were practically addicting to me, but I would lessen the amount of oil in this dish the next time I order this.


Lobster and Prawn Risotto (CAD11)

The risotto’s texture was a bit undercooked and the temperature was only lukewarm. The sauce, on the other hand, was extremely creamy, cheesy and flavourful.

I didn’t find much prawn meat in the risotto, but there were large pieces of lobster meat in this, to be specific they were lobster claw meat chunks. Yum!


Andrew’s Pulled Pork Poutine (CAD7.5)

Organic Pemberton valley potatoes cut into fries with gravy, cheese and pulled pork thrown in. It really cannot get better than this.

The cheese was so thick and stretchy. However it does get a bit too salty when you reach the bottom of pan so Sam and I didn’t finish the last few pieces of fries.

There were large chunks of juicy pulled pork to balance out the fries.


Peach Sangria (CAD9)

Compared to other sangrias I’ve had, this peach sangria was quite watered down. Majority of it tasted like fruit infused water.

The peaches were really crunchy but the pineapple bits, for some odd reason, tasted like sweat under someone’s armpits. I’m not sure whether the pineapple has changed or not, but it tasted gross.

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Jacky and I rarely have Middle Eastern food but when we do, we go to the good ones. Nuba is one of the popular Middle Eastern stops that most Vancouverites talk about, so it was about time I went to go try it out. There were not a lot of seats at Nuba but it started getting full after 7pm. Jacky and I got there at 6pm so luckily it was still pretty quiet at the time.


From above, our orders looked quite colourful and healthy.


Lamf Kafka Plate

I chose to add roasted potatoes to mine and I found it a rather dry addition to the dish. I think brown rice would have been a better option to give the dish more texture and moist.

The lamb was very tender and juicy but I would have removed the white paste on top of the lamb that gave it a very sour taste.

The last time I’ve had hummus was in Hong Kong in 2013 and it wasn’t a good experience. This time, Nuba persuaded me that hummus is actually delicious. It was so creamy and rich in chickpea but definitely not too heavy.


Lamb Kibbeh (CAD9)

I honestly thought the only two differences between my order and Jacky’s order was the shape of our lamb and the choice of rice instead of potatoes. His lamb came in two giant meatballs and mine came in a sausage form.

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