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I received an e-mail from Little BabyCakes in Fall 2014 that they were looking for bloggers to do a review on their product. I have never heard of Little BabyCakes but after talking to them, I’ve learned that they’re actually brand new and are now offering catering services. Their cupcakes are freshly baked each day and of course, they are local.  I had no idea what to expect since they’ve been very low key and there was nothing on Google about them.

My cupcakes arrived in December and I was very happy to receive boxes of cute cupcakes that look so tiny and pretty that they didn’t look like they were edible. The cupcakes were so petite that they are toonie-sized. For those who don’t know what a toonie is, it’s basically the 2 dollar coin in Canada. We call “toonies” for two dollar coins and “loonies” for one dollar coins.

Just a hint, these cupcakes would be really great for kid birthday parties, baby showers, and bridal showers.


The packaging was simple and clean cut. I like how it isn’t bright pink like Cupcakes.

2014-12-19 21.03.32-1

When I opened it, the cupcakes were so cute and small to eat. They really looked like cupcakes you would eat at childhood tea parties with your stuffed animals.

2014-12-19 21.01.44-1

Coconut Paradise

Surprisingly, there wasn’t too much coconut because the only part that was very coconuty were the flakes sprinkled on top. Remove the flakes and it’s quite like an ordinary cupcake with blue frosting. Regardless, the cream wasn’t dull and it had a slight hint of coconut.

2014-12-19 21.00.46-1

Salted Caramel

This was indeed salted caramel because you could really taste the salty after taste! Salt on desserts is good if you know how to balance the sweet and salt components. You don’t really taste it at first but once you’re done with the cupcake, the salt really hits your taste buds.

There were small crunch bits in the cream and again, there was a good balance of cream and cake.


Double Chocolate

There’s seriously nothing to not love about this cupcake because it’s a bite size chocolate cupcake. For those who don’t want to feel too fat by eating a giant chocolate cupcake, get a few of these.

The dark chocolate cream was heavier and richer than all of the other cupcakes and it tasted like I was literally taking a piece of chocolate from a chocolate bar.

2014-12-19 21.01.16-1

Red Velvet

Topped with shiny sugar balls on top, the cream cheese frosting was super creamy and cheesy with a hint of sourness to it – like cheesecake.

To me, red velvet tastes more doughy than normal cake so yes, I did find this more doughy than the others.

2014-12-19 20.57.57-1


There might be nothing special about the original, but this was my second favourite cupcake because the vanilla cream overpowered the cake and it was very milky and creamy. To add onto that, the light pink sugars gave the cupcake a crunch texture.

2014-12-19 20.59.05-1

Earl Grey

Lastly, for those who want a natural essence and less sugar on your cupcake, this would be a great option.

Rocking fifty shades of earl grey, the earl grey cupcake was earthy and floral making it distinct from its sweeter brothers and sisters in the box.


Get your cupcake game on! They have a pop up location at Holt Renfrew coming up on March 28 – April 4, so do go check them out. The prices of these one-bite indulgence cupcakes are $7 for 6, and $13 for 12.

*This post was sponsored by Little BabyCakes

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When I was in New York City, I got a chance to try Momofuku’s soft serve ice cream with cereal and ever since then, I have been on the hunt for something similar in Vancouver. When I heard that Vancouver will be opening a place that serves only soft serves, naturally I was quite ecstatic about the good news.

Located at the busy intersection down at Gastown on Alexander Street, Soft Peaks Ice Cream is where people would line up for half an hour for ice cream. When I was walking there, I had some trouble looking for the store because there was no sign stating that Soft Peaks was there. What shocked me most were the two lines outside of the shop, one to order and the other to get your ice cream.

The first time I went, I didn’t bother waiting an hour for ice cream so I returned and went right after lunch hours on a weekday. Thankfully there was no horrible crowd, so my friend and I got our ice creams pretty quickly.


My ice cream melted faster than Joseph’s so the swirl was clearly falling and not looking its best for a photo.


The Mudslide

What’s in it: Signature twist, Timtam flakes and chocolate syrup.

Think of a McDonald’s Sundae upgraded with extra chocolate syrup and a more milky flavour to the ice cream.

The Timtams weren’t exactly “flakes”. I would say that they crushed actual Timtam bars and topped it on the the ice cream. From that, I would say the Timtam bars easily made the The Mudslide a recommended order for all chocolate addicts.


Rocky Mountain 

What’s in it: Signature twist, roasted coconut and maple syrup.

I’m actually not a fan of coconut but if you do love this dusted white and chewy topping, the Rocky Mountain is full of roasted coconut. To me, there was more coconut than ice cream.

Since the Rocky Mountain offers you a choice of one syrup, I thought that the maple syrup gave the Rocky Mountain a rich and somewhat healthier taste to it. Everything felt very natural especially since the ice cream is made of organic Avalon milk.

*This post was sponsored by Soft Peaks Ice Cream.

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Before planning our trip to Whistler last December, I was asking fellow foodies for a good brunch spot at Whistler and everyone recommended Crepe Montagne. For those who don’t know, Whistler is quite small and there was only so much to eat at the village. We went on a very lazy and late morning and by the time we arrived, there was a huge line.

Since we only had three people, we actually got a table after a 45 minute wait. The restaurant was extremely small for such a popular place and there was barely any walking space available. We got a snug little corner at the restaurant and since there were more people waiting in line than people eating, servers were very attentive.


Even though the line up was considered “short”, we actually went to eat something before sitting down at Crepe Montagne. Since that was the scenario, the three of us shared two orders.


Crepe Montagne

What’s in it: The Rockies crepe with buckwheat flour crepe, two sunny side up eggs and cheese with Canada back bacon and green onions.

I was very excited to try this because I’ve never had Canada back bacon or buckwheat flour crepe. My brother, who lives in Guelph, mentioned that Canada back bacon is quite popular over there.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t very impressed with this. Perhaps it was my preferences but I didn’t like the texture of the buckwheat flour crepe and the Canada back bacon was too salty. Overall, the texture and flavours were very abnormal to me.

The only good part was the two eggs on top which made it taste more normal.


The Pesto Mushroom Eggs Bennies

Even if their crepe wasn’t too fit for me, I really likde their bennies. Not only was the Hollandaise sauce very creamy, but the pesto mushrooms were a perfect A+ and seasoned very well.

The eggs oozed out a gorgeous golden yolk but the English muffins were slightly tough.

The potatoes weren’t dry and were actually roasted with a very hearty texture to it. The fruits were also very sweet and a fresh addition to a very fulfilling brunch.

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