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When Vancouver is cold and rainy, I have a few comfort food options that I would always choose from. Other than the usual Chipotle or ramen bowls, I decided I should find another version of comfort food. Of course, there’s the usual mac and cheese and chocolate cake, but I wanted stew.

After asking around, everyone told me to go try out Burgoo Bistro. The team of Burgoo Bistro prides themselves on the ultimate comfort food and they were right. We decided to go visit the one at Kitsilano and by the time we were there, a long line was already waiting there. We didn’t mind getting bar seats so we skipped the line up. No doubt, service was very attentive since the bartender was always present.

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We weren’t too sure that stew was enough so we ordered a healthy red quinoa to share.


Beef Bourguignon

What’s in it: beef simmered in paprika caraway gravy with rutabaga, cabbage and homemade potato dumplings.

Cooked in a delicious, red wine and beef simmered gravy, this was a very hearty and rich in herb and meaty flavours.

The portion was pretty big and it was just packed with chunks of beef, potatoes and carrots. I really enjoyed that everything was smothered and drowned in the paprika caraway gravy. I can imagine myself eating this on a rainy day at home next to the fire.

If you want something musky and rich, I think the beef bourguignon is the best option at Burgoo Bistro.


Irish Stew

What’s in it: Guinness braised lamb with rutabaga, green peas, fresh rosemary and homemade potato dumplings.

The Irish stew was a lighter version of the beef bourguignon but it was also very rich in its own way.

Filled with soft lamb and more vegetables than the beef bourguignon, this felt more earthy and light. Regardless, both of these stews were extremely hearty and rich in different ways.

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I don’t usually go to Glowbal Group restaurants unless it is The Fish Shack. Since I was in West Vancouver, I decided to try out Trattoria. The location was perfect and since it was a sunny day, the restaurant had plenty of windows with sunlight shining in.

We got a small table next to the windows and even when there was barely any people at the restaurant, service was slightly slow for brunch. As the lunch crowd came in, service got even slower.

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They served us chocolate pound cake with coffee cream before our food came. I was a bit surprised that something that could be considered as dessert was served first.


Crab, Lobster and Prawn Omelette

What’s in it: Rock crab, Atlantic Lobster, rock prawns mascarpone, sun-dried tomatoes, spinach and potatoes.

Potatoes to omelette ratio was slightly off but the omelette was so packed with all sorts of seafood! Unfortunately, the “prawns” looked like those tiny pink shrimps you could get from a can.

This was a very filling breakfast because not only was there a lot of potatoes, but the omelette was also quite cheesy and every bite was stuffed with either crab or lobster.


Penne Arribiata

What’s in it: Pancetta, garlic, tomatoes, burrata and peperoncino.

Since we were at Trattoria, it was only right to get at least one order of pasta. I ordered the penne arribiata since I wanted a tomato sauce without any slurping spaghetti or linguine messy eating.

The penne tasted like the average penne you could buy at a grocery store. Luckily, the sauce was quite delicious with a slight creaminess from the burrata and spiciness from the peperoncino. For a brunch, this was quite heavy but the flavour was definitely there.

Overall, I don’t think this was the best place for brunch and everything was pretty average and overcharged. I can name a whole bunch of other Italian restaurants or brunch places that are better than Trattoria.

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Bubble waffles suddenly became a huge thing after The BBT Shop opened. The BBT Shop is located at the carpark right below Superstore in Richmond. The location is super convenient for anyone who goes to Superstore and anyone who walks nearby would smell bubble waffles from afar.

The BBT Shop was quite spacious but with limited seating. We got there at around 7:30pm so we were lucky to get a seat near the door. At around 8pm – 8:30pm, people started to flood in and many were standing around waiting for seats. I think they could actually put more seats for people because a good quarter of the restaurant was just empty waiting space.

Other than bubble waffles, the BBT Shop also has quirky and super loaded bubble drinks.


Cookies and Cream Bubble Waffle

There was absolutely no way I could finish this alone. The warm chocolate bubble waffle was topped with cookie crisp, powdered sugar and a large swirl of whip cream. On the side was a delicious scoop of vanilla bean cream. I have a sweet tooth but even my sweet tooth couldn’t handle this.

The bubble waffle was surprisingly light and not too heavy but everything else weighed it down. The texture was slightly crunchy with a soft and airy interior. The whipped cream made the centre ones too soggy so we tried our best to scoop away the whipped cream.

Speaking of the whipped cream, you might as well eat the vanilla bean cream and just forget the whipped cream.

This was definitely extremely sweet and heavy. I wouldn’t go back because after I was done, I just sat in the car and I could just feel my blood sugar levels rising.

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