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Before I got on the plane to the Big Apple, my dad texted me and told me that there was no reason why I would not have a giant piece of steak in New York City. To him, this was something I had to try. Since Tiffany was such a generous host throughout my visit, I decided to treat her to a wonderful steak dinner at Peter Luger Steakhouse. This place was highly recommended and was at the top of the “Fine Dining” section on Urbanspoon New York.

We rode the subway to Brooklyn and to me, the vibe was quite different than the usual atmosphere in Manhattan. We were lucky to get a small table at the corner of the restaurant when we arrived because the steak house was slammed with people. I’m not sure if this place has weekly regulars because the portion were just huge. I have never seen steak this big in my entire life. You basically just order steak and a side to go with it then you’r all set. To ensure quality and delicious beef, all steaks at Peter Luger’s are USDA Prime.


Steak for Two and Creamed Spinach

A perfectly done, medium rare, and naked piece of steak was presented in front of us. There was no way two girls could possibly finish this.

Before the server divided the steak for us, he placed a small bowl upside down on the table to lift up one end of the steak plate so all the beef juices would trickle to the other end. He would then, fork a piece of steak, dip it into the juice, gently touch the piece of meat on the plate which sizzles it a bit more then serve it to us.

The steak was beautifully executed with a ruby and moist centre. The sear was all around well done.

There were several options for a vegetable side, but everyone was recommending the creamed spinach. According to Huffington Post, Peter Luger’s creamed spinach is the only creamed spinach you’ll ever need. After my first bite, I understood why.

The creamed spinach might not look very appetizing especially since it looked like green mush. Fret not, it still tasted like spinach and was bright green instead of an old brown or dark green colour.

The taste of the creamed spinach was buttery, creamy, salty and extremely addictive. It’s one of those dishes you would bring to a Thanksgiving dinner, and the entire bowl would be cleaned out by the first round. I just wanted to scoop as much as I could onto my plate.

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Cooking risotto is a hefty job. The ingredients aren’t difficult to find but the stirring process to cook the rice takes a long time and it requires a lot of practice. Risotto is also hard to perfect so I’ve always been on a hunt for the right al dente risotto.

After spending the afternoon on the Highline, we grabbed an early dinner at The Risotteria. The restaurant was so crammed and busy that in order for Tiffany to sit down on the other side of the table, we had to pull the table out for her to slide in. Whenever she needed to get up, I needed to get up and pull the table out for her.



Mozzarella, Roasted Portobelllo Mushroom and Truffle Oil Risotto

Leaning for a classic side of risotto, I wanted something that was mildly creamy with a savoury and aromatic taste.

The rich fragrant and flavours from the butter and truffle oil was just about right giving the dish an all around fullness to it.

The risotto was slightly undercooked but it wasn’t hard to the point that the rice would stick to your teeth.

The roasted portobello mushrooms had so much flavour from the truffle oil and each piece was a pretty large chunk.

Topped with black pepper and mozzarella cheese, this dish was a high-flavoured and an enticing risotto dish on their menu.

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Does this brand look familiar to you? I’ve always seen “milk” on Tumblr and ever since then, I’ve always wanted to try “milk”. Momofuku started in New York City by Chef David Chang and has now expanded to Toronto and Sydney in all forms of Momofuku – Noodle Bar, Shoto, Daisho, Milk bar, Ssam Bar, Seiobo and etc. Sadly, there isn’t one in Vancouver but I’m praying that Milk Bar would at least, open here.

Tiffany took me to Momofuku Milk Bar in New York City and to put it quite frank, the store looked like I was going to buy illegal ice cream but with a super chic and high end design to it. The bar was small with no sunlight shining in and only pink neon lights from the ceiling and the walls. We got in and started lining up. As I got closer to the counter, I saw David Chang’s books, baking mixes, cookies and other baking ingredients. I was quite tempted to buy one of his books, but it was too inconvenient to carry around it with me in NYC.


See what I mean? It looks a bit sketchy at first but it definitely isn’t. Behind Milk Bar is Ma Peche serving dim sum inspired passed plates.


Cereal Milk Soft Serve

A really milky, creamy and cold vanilla soft serve with a crunchy cereal ring. David Chang has got the milk magic going on.

The soft serve instantly started to melt once we stepped out of Momofuku Milk Bar. We tried to start from the top but the cereal bits started to fall off so we had to lick around the cereal rim to prevent it from dripping. The soft serve also had a slight grainy texture when it melted in my mouth.

The cereal bits were salty and crunchy so it complimented the sweet vanilla soft serve. In fact, it would seem like something was missing if it was only the soft serve.

I wish they topped the entire soft serve with cereal because the saltiness from the cereal was just spot on.

2014-08-02 01.44.06

#milkbarlife! I’m definitely back for more, whether I’m in NYC or Toronto.

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