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I’ve been seeing tons of fish ice cream dessert photos swimming around my Instagram feed and when I was in Hong Kong, I finally hunted down the location and tried out Cafe Aboong. The dessert, bungeoppang, is made of a fish-shaped bun with yogurt ice cream inside and other decadent sweets. I believe that by the time I was there, the whole trend has already died down since there were no line ups and there was only one other customer besides my mom and I.

The original store started in Seoul and it branched off from there to Vietnam, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan and Thailand. For a hot summer day in these places, a bungeoppang is exactly what many people need for a street snack.

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Chocolate Fish Dessert

What’s in it: Yogurt ice cream, fruit stick dipped in chocolate fondue, custard cream and chocolate crunch on  top.

The yogurt was quite sweet and creamy. I thought it was going to taste exactly like frozen yogurt but it was definitely creamier than most of the froyos I’ve had at frozen yogurt shops.

The best part of the bongeoppang was the custard at the bottom of the fish with the chocolate fondue dipped fruits. If you’ve ever had hodduk, this was practically hodduk after finishing the yogurt.

I don’t think I would voluntarily go to Cafe Aboong just to get their bongeoppang again but if I ever walked passed it and needed something sweet, I would buy another one.

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A month ago, I was invited to try a wine and dinner pairing at Hakkasan Bistro at Richmond with a bunch of other food bloggers and Instagrammers. Hakkasan Bistro is small Chinese eatery offering quality authentic Cantonese dishes with “Wok Hay” and Hakka-inspired food. Hakka Cuisine originated from the Hakka people in southeastern China in provinces such as Guangdong, Fujian, Jiangxi and Guangxi. The cuisine focuses on the texture of the food with mainly stew, braised, and roasting methods to create their dishes.

Our first visit was to Canada Berries, a local fruit wine vineyard located in Richmond. We got a behind the scenes tour where got to learn about the process of making fruit wines and tasting fruit wines. I’ve never had fruit wines before so my lack of knowledge led me to believe that fruit wines were spiked juices. I was clearly very wrong.

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After a tour of the factory, it was time to try some of their wines. We had a long table of snacks and fruit bites to help sooth our palates in between each bottle of fruit wine.

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Cranberry Fruit Wine

Cranberries are actually really healthy and good for females. The owner mentioned that you could also get health benefits from their cranberry fruit wine so it’s quite a popular choice for many of their customers.

I’m a wine drinker who enjoys the sweeter wines like Gewurztraminer, ice wine and blends. The cranberry was very feminine and sweet so it topped as my favourite out of the wine tasting.

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Blackcurrant Fruit Wine

I was talking to another food blogger after tasting the blackcurrant fruit wine and we both agreed that this was the adult version of Ribena. If you like Ribena and alcohol, this is the perfect fix because it’s so easy and sweet to drink but not too sweet like the cranberry.

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Granny Smith Apple Fruit Wine

There were two wines that I wanted to try at the winery that were not available to the bloggers. I waited behind with Nancy of Nomss to try the Granny Smith Apple and Peach Fruit Wine.

The Granny Smith Apple Fruit Wine was nothing close to sweet. Similar to drier white wines, I found this a lot less smooth because it wasn’t as sweet as I would prefer. On the other hand, the apple flavours were incredibly rich and aromatic.

2015-09-20 18.01.31-1

Peach Fruit Wine

On the summery and sweet side, the peach fruit wine was definitely better than the Granny Smith but still not as sweet as the cranberry. However, I could totally imagine myself popping a bottle of peach fruit wine during a picnic in the summer.

After the wine tasting, we set off to Hakkasan Bistro for a big dinner. FYI, both locations require a car to take you there.

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Jasmine Tea Smoked Mushroom Beancurd Crepes

I wouldn’t describe these as “beancurd crepes”, but I’ll give it to them for creativity. It’s usually awkward to describe Chinese dishes in English without making it sound odd.

This was a purely cold dish. I loved the fragrant and flavourful smoked mushroom snuggled inside the beancurd crepes. It would go very well with hot sauce too.

Balsamic Cloud Ear Mushroom

Slightly tangy with a chewy and bouncy texture to it, I’ve never eaten cold cloud ear mushroom because my family usually adds it into braised dishes but this was quite refreshing.

Honey Roasted BBQ Pork Cheeks 

The pork cheeks are the most tender parts in BBQ Pork. The flavours tasted like cha siu but the texture was a lot more moist and juicier.

2015-09-20 19.20.21-1

Double Boiled Whole Young Coconut Pork Soup

When this was presented in front of us, our table didn’t say a single word when we started to eat. This was amazing in presentation and in all types of flavours. This traditional slow cooking method ensures that there is no loss of moisture in the ingredients while allowing the essence of the coconut to slowly infuse into the soup.

I’m not a fan of coconut but because the soup tasted like home, I ended up eating all of the coconut parts inside. There’s seriously nothing better than this throughout the entire dinner. I would highly recommend this to all Hakkasan diners.

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Specialty Odorless Garlic Lobster on Jasmine Rice

This is the chef’s special recipe in making garlic odorless so you won’t be left with a smelly garlic breath afterwards.

The lobster is smothered in a bed of garlic that still has its natural flavours while the after taste is taken away. As someone who has tried this dish, it was delicious and the lobster still had its fresh flavours in the meat. My breath did not smell like garlic afterwards even though I had two bowls of rice with minced garlic in it.

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Braised Pork Hock

The Braised Pork Hock is also another one of the chef’s signature dishes that left us feeling all warm and fuzzy in our stomachs.

Braised to perfection and served on a bed of greens, the chef was able to cook the fatty pork hock thoroughly without hardening it, making it smooth without any extra grease. With all of its natural flavours packed inside the meat, this was another amazing dish at Hakkasan Bistro.

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Ancient Style Hakka Salt Baked Chicken

Marinated with a blend of ten different Chinese herbs and spices, the free range chicken is then wrapped in parchment paper, placed in a clay pot mounded with piping hot coarse salt and slowly baked to perfection. This traditional and rustic slow-baking technique ensures the chicken maintains its flavours and tenderness while the spices and herbs create an aromatic and salty flavour to it.

The meat was very tender and juicy with a slightly moist and smokyflavour from the skin. I didn’t get to try too many pieces of the chicken because it was devoured pretty quickly.

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Hakka Baby Squid, Scallions and Light Soy

I’ve always loved Chinese stir fry with black beans and soy sauce because these two ingredients make stir fry dishes incredibly savoury nd fragrant.

The squid was very soft with a delectable exterior covered in light soy and flavours. I tried to eat as much of this as possible because it was very good with the garlic rice.

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Mui Choy Stir Fry Seasonal Chinese Greens

I managed to get a photo of this, but I didn’t get to try any of the vegetables at all. Pity, it looked like it would have been tasty.

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Hakka Homestyle Steam Egg, Pork and Duck Yolk

Steamed egg is hard to perfect, so this looked beautiful when it was presented to us.

Silky smooth and steamed to perfection, the rich flavours in the duck yolk were distinct with pork bits on top.

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Steamed Mini Flour Balls (Man Tou)

I am usually used to eating man tou with condensed milk but since there wasn’t anything to dip the man tou in, I improvised and ate my man tou with the steamed egg. It was surprisingly good and the man tou was soft like a pillow.

2015-09-20 20.45.45-2

Steamed Milk Custard
No better way to end our dinner with a simple and warm milk custard. I know this is a pretty easy dessert to make but Hakkasan Bistro did a pretty good job in bringing out the milkiness in the custard.

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During my last week in Hong Kong, I decided to spend a day with myself in the city. I know it’s weird to do certain things alone but I’ve always enjoyed some alone time before I leave Hong Kong to explore hidden areas. Last year I went around Tsim Sha Tsui so this year, I decided to go coffee shop exploring in Sheung Wan and Central.

I was swept away by the mixture of old and new in Sheung Wan. From the antique stores, temples and the traditional Chinese medicinal and dried food shops to modern coffee shops, eateries and street art – Sheung Wan was a perfect area for me.

I actually planned my entire route before going to Sheung Wan. I started off with Barista Jam, then Cupping Room, Nosh, Lof10, and ended at Filters Lane. I wanted to look for Common Ground but I couldn’t find it. I also did not buy anything from the Cupping Room but it doesn’t matter since I was quite caffeinated when I was done so I took a break at The Woods with a gin and tonic.

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Barista Jam – Iced Cappuccino with Whipped Cream

I’m glad that my iced cappuccino wasn’t half filled with my ice so I really got to enjoy the cappuccino and the coffee flavours while I was taking my time exploring Sheung Wan.

Their coffee shop was quite small and crammed with minimal seating. They grind their own coffee beans and have a large variety of espressos and caffeinated drinks. Other than beverages, Barista Jam also serves sandwiches, salads, pastas and delicious baked goods.

It is a bit out of the way to get here since there aren’t a lot of coffee shops near Barista Jam until you walk up a bit more.

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Nosh – Lemonade

Their lemonade was definitely a lot more sour than sweet. Luckily since it was a humid and hot day in Hong Kong, I didn’t mind the sourness and citrus.

Everyone who has walked up Tai Ping Shan in Sheung Wan has probably seen Nosh and their quaint little oasis. When I arrived, I got to to sit at their high table right in front of their rectangular window facing the street. I have to admit, Nosh is a good place for people watching.

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Lof10 has been on my Hong Kong Must Visit list since last year. I was really looking forward to this coffee shop because of their minimal and white interior design. Clearly, I definitely was not misled.

The coffee shop was pretty much hidden from the big streets and tucked into a quiet part of Sheung Wan. I enjoyed my moment at Lof10 when I wouldn’t hear a loud truck drive by or people smoking near me.

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Iced Earl Grey Tea Latte

London Fogs aren’t popular in Hong Kong so I ordered Lof10’s iced earl grey tea latte thinking that it would match up to a London Fog. Their little mason jars and typography were perfect for an Instagram photo and I still do not get why they incorporated numbers into Chinese words.

The first few sips were so perfect, then a few minutes later, it watered down significantly. The next time I go, I’ll definitely order a hot drink. Why? Because I’ll be in Hong Kong this December and I’m sure Lof10 makes good hot drinks.

2015-08-18 17.44.32-1

Filters Lane

The amount of drinks I’ve had in 2 hours has pretty much filled me up with liquids. It was also a long walk from Sheung Wan to Central on a hot day so I stopped by Filters Lane for food.

I know that their drip coffees are one of the best in Hong Kong so I’ll come by in December to actually try one of their drinks.

2015-08-18 17.37.20-1

Truffle Mayo Chicken Sandwich

Any type of food was delicious to me at the time. All of Filters Lane’s sandwiches looked very heavy but since I wanted something big in flavour but small in portion, I told the barista to help me cut the sandwich in half incase I couldn’t finish it. Both the girl and guy baristas were extremely nice and patient with me.

The flavour did not disappoint. They were very generous with the savoury truffle mayo and moist chicken breast. If I worked nearby, I would come here for a quick and delicious lunch.


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