Bonchaz Bakery Cafe

Good morning my lovely beauties! For breakfast I went on a trip to Bonchaz Bakery on Main Street for their free bun with any beverage purchase. “Bun” might sound bland at first but their selections were not what I thought with chocolate truffle, banana walnut, matcha green tea, original butter and sugar and apple cinnamon. This is actually my first time at Bonchaz Bakery since I always thought it was similar to Blenz so I was quite surprised with how completely different it is.

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Of course, being a chocolate lover I went for the “Chocolate Truffle Bun”. It does look plain from the outside, but biting into the middle of the bun is packaged with rich chocolate filling. Since the weather is cold and I am definitely feeling the autumn breeze, I’m going for apple cinnamon next time.

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I am actually not a coffee lover so I ordered a latte – simple and original.

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